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When his father leaves Thái Nguyên City for the northernmost reaches of French Indochina, Bùi Vân Minh must shoulder new responsibilities to help keep the family afloat. His mother’s blindness and his uncle’s caustic personality add to the young man’s challenges.

A chance meeting with a captivating youth, Ngô Công Thao, throws Minh’s life off-kilter in a most exciting and confounding way.

The young men soon discover their feelings for one another transcend mere friendship. But the struggles under French colonial rule and the effects of the Great War alter their lives to a degree they never could have imagined.

This novella expands and significantly develops a story that first appeared in the highly acclaimed anthology A PRIDE OF POPPIES. The author’s screenplay adaptation of the story received an honourable mention and was a finalist in the 15th annual American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest, judged by Francis Ford Coppola, and also won the Best LGBT Feature Screenplay category at the New Renaissance Film Festival, Amsterdam 2018.


Gold Medal, 2012 Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards

Finalist, 25th Annual Lambda Literary Awards

Finalist, 2013 Rainbow Awards

Finalist, Regional Fiction Category, 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Finalist, 2012 Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest

Hardened beyond his nineteen years, Todd Webster Morgan is determined to find gold high in the Sierra Nevadas. But his dream is violently upended. Complicating matters even more, he meets a young Chinese immigrant named Lâo Jian, whose own dreams of finding gold have been quashed by violence.

But life back in Sacramento isn’t any easier. Todd’s mother struggles to make ends meet. His invalid uncle becomes increasingly angry. Todd seeks employment with little success. Meanwhile his friendship with Lâo Jian turns to love. But their relationship is strained as anti-Chinese sentiment grows.

Todd vows not to lose Lâo Jian. The couple must risk everything to make a life for themselves. A life that requires facing fear and prejudice head on. 



BB_Paradise_n_MainFinalist, 2013 Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards

Finalist, 2013 Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association Literary Contest (“Ezra”)

2013 Book of the Year, On Top Down Under Book Reviews

Adrian Stockwell and Ezra Cherevin both battle the fallout from their broken families. Yet each one’s strategy is as different as each one’s past. Adrian’s childhood was left void by apathy; Ezra’s upended by violence. The written word soon becomes their therapy, their escape. This shared passion for literature is the vehicle that brings them together.

But their journey is filled with personal and familial potholes.

Can these two young men carve out a life together by learning to navigate a sea of challenges? And can the people in their lives do the same?

Final SDTS Cover

Finalist for the Ferro-Grumley Award for LGBT Fiction in the 27th annual Triangle Awards

2015 Co-Book of the Year, On Top Down Under Book Reviews

Finalist and Runner-Up, 2015 Rainbow Awards

Finalist for the 2014 IndieFab Book of the Year Awards at Foreword Reviews

In the land of snow monsters and steam baths, complex characters as diverse as the Japanese terrain experience lust, loss, and love.

 A young boy performs a daring rescue. A woman loses her old life to face an uncertain new one. A teenager suffers through a cataclysmic event. Unusual bonds form at the Tokyo Olympics. A rent boy’s hardened heart melts when he meets a sexy, buoyant stranger.

Much like the Japanese islands themselves, there is commonality to be found among myriad differences. The poet, the musician, the artist, the tortured mother, the bankrupt father, the protective brother—they all know that there’s a new day awaiting them after the moon slips sideways down the sky.


Finalist for the 2014 IndieFab Book of the Year Awards at Foreword Reviews

Aiden Royce’s journey to an isolated New England hillside raises specters from his past. But a chance encounter alters the course of his future. A future he never dreamt possible.

In the span between the Great War and the Great Depression, Aiden Royce loses both family and fortune. He has nothing left but memories and regrets until a series of letters arrive; ramblings written by a familiar hand that nevertheless offer Aiden some important clues. Months later he’s roaming the grounds of the crumbling Cebren Spa, a once posh destination, but now an empty shell of mystery and menace.

One saving grace in this perplexity is the handsome Sebastian Desmond, a descendant of the spa’s founders. He rescues Aiden from a storm, but in doing so opens up a different sort of tempest when secrets unravel and both men’s lives are torn asunder.

Can decades-old questions be answered, onerous mysteries solved, and a burgeoning and venturesome romance prosper in the shadows of a once restorative wellspring?

950x1500ReunionFinalist, 2013 USA Book News Book of the Year Awards

Finalist, 2013 National Indie Excellence Book Awards

Finalist, 2012 Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards


A small French city. A park near Tokyo. The Czech countryside. London at night. Lost loves and found loves. Fear and courage. Reflections. Rejections. Reconciliations. Romance.

These interconnected stories follow the adventures of Brian, Ondrej, Yuji, Jason, and others as they navigate the tumultuous path of life and love.


Shin-Kiba Park (Pushcart Prize nominee; from Gival Press’s ArLiJo)

Nagasaki (Dana Award finalist; from Polari Journal)

Unfinished (from SNReview)

Ficelle (from SNReview)


Finalist, 24th Annual Lambda Literary Awards

Finalist,  2013 National Indie Excellence Book Awards

Honorable Mention, 2011 Rainbow Awards 

3rd Place, 2010 PNWA Literary Contest

Best Surprise of 2013, Boys in Our Books


Micah Malone is just an average college student with an ordinary life and big dreams. And an intense passion for film and TV.  And a Greek Chorus in his head.

His friends create more drama than a soap opera.  His love life needs a laughtrack.

Can Micah ultimately find the direction he needs?

Let the cameras roll. Micah’s quirky story has begun filming.



Finalist, 2013 Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards

Revenge is a dish best served with a little bit of spice,
three dashes of magic, and a whole lot of flair.

Your eyes are squeezed tight. Your hand is over your racing heart. Your mouth is agape. And your tongue is planted firmly in your cheek. After you’ve read these six mystical, magical tales of torment and revenge, you’ll be looking over your shoulder, pausing at corners, and keeping that porch light burning bright all through the night. Oh, and you might chuckle once or twice, too. After all, what’s fright without a little delight? Hexes, curses, old family recipes, old family secrets, stolen cars and stolen lives. It’s all just another day in the lives (and deaths) of a special kind of folk.


Food & Spirits
Kill Them With Kindness
A Special Kind of Folk
All the Souls on Earth
Commedia dell’Arte



For Jeremy Saura, a song by Kate Bush holds all the answers. Pushes him onward. Sends him running up that road. Up that hill. Up that building.

Jeremy gets chills as he listens to the lyrics. The song, a beautiful powerhouse of determination over despair, only gains in impact as he replays it. Seven times. “I adore you Kate Bush,” he whispers to her photograph. For Jeremy, “Running Up That Hill” gives him the momentum he needs to navigate the trials and tribulations of a new job, a complex friendship, and a budding workplace romance.



A compendium of varied tales with timeless themes. Featuring: 1909, The Celestial, Wellspring, Running Up That Hill, Reunion, Sideways Down the Sky, and Tinseltown.

Available here!

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