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 I’m honored to lend my voice to the character of Dolly Dentura, CEO of Dentura Enterprises, in The Underground Multiplex radio podcast comedy Strike That Line!

Dolly Dentura: CEO of Dentura Enterprises, the one corporation owning every good and service in The United States. One-time second string to The Mickey Mouse Club in the late 1950′s, Dentura wily used her savvy to acquire businesses by the dozens until 2008, when she made the final leverage buyouts to all remaining businesses in the U.S. The monumental task of renaming all logos and trademarks continues to this day.

The Underground Multiplex (TUGM) is a community outreach organization that advocates for the arts by using focused transmedia production campaigns.  TUGM was founded in Chicago in 2010 by Lew Ojeda and Joseph Richard Lewis.

Meet their team:




Armed with my Super 8 camera during my teen years, I made several short productions under the banner Regalia Productions.

The stage adaptation of my linked story collection Reunion will be published under the name Regalia~Aion  as a nod to that early cinematic zeal.

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