Barry Brennessel — Mystery, Romance, Suspense & Humo(u)r

A Special Kind of Folk


Finalist, 2013 Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards

Revenge is a dish best served with a little bit of spice,
three dashes of magic, and a whole lot of flair.

Your eyes are squeezed tight. Your hand is over your racing heart. Your mouth is agape. And your tongue is planted firmly in your cheek. After you’ve read these six mystical, magical tales of torment and revenge, you’ll be looking over your shoulder, pausing at corners, and keeping that porch light burning bright all through the night. Oh, and you might chuckle once or twice, too. After all, what’s fright without a little delight? Hexes, curses, old family recipes, old family secrets, stolen cars and stolen lives. It’s all just another day in the lives (and deaths) of a special kind of folk.


Food & Spirits


Kill Them With Kindness

A Special Kind of Folk

All the Souls on Earth

Commedia dell’Arte

“This is definitely for those who are open to LGBT writing but are not looking for what is these days termed MM or romance. It is sharp, it is offbeat and out there, and it makes the reader think…I most definitely recommend A Special Kind of Folk.”

Kazza K. for On Top Down Under Book Reviews

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