Barry Brennessel — Mystery, Romance, Suspense & Humo(u)r


Available from MLR PressAmazonBarnes and Noble

Brian Caleb made a lot of mistakes chasing his first love. A fleeting, confusing love that disappeared forever. He wishes it were a lifetime ago, but the pain is fresh and raw. Now he’s running away from love. And everything else in his life.

Then a chance encounter takes an unexpected turn: Brian finds himself falling for someone after something falls on someone!

They say true love comes when you’re not looking for it. That’s precisely what scares Brian. Can he find the courage to follow his heart again?

“The character of Brian, despite his many problems, stayed with me long after I finished the story which doesn’t happen all that often. This means that I’d happily recommend this story for those who are not necessarily looking for an easy read but would like something a little different with an anti-hero character.”

Jenre for Brief Encounters Reviews

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